Matthew Seaman wrote:

I am trying to apply a patch set to FreeBSD 5.5 (this letter 'p'
followed by a number, after the version in 'uname -a') - but somehow it
did not work.

I cvsup-ed the src using the standard 'stable-supfile' with '*default
release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_5' - then I rebuild world.

Now 'uname -a' reports 'FreeBSD 5.5 STABLE #0'. Before it was 'FreeBSD
5.5 RELEASE #0'. So instead of applying patch set I have moved to 'STABLE'.

Could somebody tell me what have I done wrong? Actually - what is the
difference between the 'pX' and the '#X' after the version?

You've shifted your self onto the RELENG_5 code branch rather than the
RELENG_5_5 branch.

Yes... but how did it happen after I instructed the supfile to get 'RELENG_5_5'?

Actually in the examples/cvsup I did not find any example how to do 'release'.

Thank you for the other answers!
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