I've been browsing the FreeBSD site looking for a system I can
embed in the car. Optimally, it will do video output via a RCA cable (ala your
VCR) so I can plug it in to one of the new Alpine radios with an AUX in. Input
will probably come via a USB gaming pad (arrow keys, a few buttons, and 16-20
keys). I'd like to have bluetooth and 802.11b/g for communicating with a base
station and the in car GPS and phone audio systems. USB (4-6 ports) would
be perfect - I can get the keyboard, bluetooth, 802.11g, and ODB II 
connectors in without a hub. Most I've seen boot from compact flash, but 
booting from a USB thumb drive or SD ram would also be useful. Audio would 
also be nice, but I can get away with the bluetooth link.

        The form factor should be as small as possible for under-seat, 
behind-dash, or trunk installation.

        I've seen the Soekris systems, and they're at a good price point, but
while they'd support most of what I'd need, they don't seem to have RCA video
output, which would be a major plus for real time color displays of status and
information (has anyone played with the USB video options available? Does 
FreeBSD support them?)

        Suggestions? Comments? Projects already done?

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