G'day all,

Just wondering whether anyone knows any details regarding
the "swap_pager warnings" bug noted on the 6.1-RELEASE Release
Engineering "to do" page
(http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.1R/todo.html). Specifically,
a PR number would be excellent (I'm assuming one exists).

I believe that this issue has been biting me for a while now (or
at least it only began appearing after I enabled a swap file on
a lowly machine which had to have bad RAM removed that I'm too
cheap / poor to replace) and often results in machine lockups.

I'd love to see it addressed (assuming that this is indeed
what's biting me, which I'm fairly sure of*) before
6.2-RELEASE (probably a little unlikely, I guess) and would be
happy to test patches / etc..

Thanks all!

* I _could_ disable the swap file and leave the thing belting
away for a while to see if the problem doesn't reoccur, but
it'll mean a few processes getting killed here and there due to
lack of available memory...
Nick Withers
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