Michael P. Soulier wrote:
On 17/09/06 Michael P. Soulier said:

So, I upgrade lang/php4.

php4-4.4.4          PHP Scripting Language (Apache Module and CLI)

And yet, it doesn't seem to contain the apache module.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ pkg_info -L php4-4.4.4 | grep '\.so'
So now my apache setup is broken.

I guess I'll look for a separate apache module...

Ah, I see. A make config shows that the apache module isn't selected. I wonder
how that happened, since all I did was portupgrade the previous version.

Well, when you cvsup'ed your ports tree the make file was updated adding new Make options. If you had an old options file from last build, portupgrade doesn't present the config-menu.

Looking into the make file, the Apache module isn't selected by default which sort of surprises me, I would think that most would want php for web scripting.

Maybe a feature request would be to add a version control on the options, such that if this is changed the menu is presented even if an old options file exist...

Cheers, Erik
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