On Thursday,  9 January 2003 at 15:54:25 -0400, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> first off, if there is a doc I haven't found on this, please direct me to
> it ... google seems to be drawing alot of docs, but none seem appropriate
> ...
> I just had a drive go south ... so we got a replacement drive in, hot
> swap'd the old out, new in ... I've been able to disklabel the drive, so
> that it matches the config of the rest of the drives in the RAID5 array
> ... but for the life of me, I can't figur eout how to get vinum to
> recognize (and re-init) the new drive ...
> a vinum start just tell sme the drive is down ... so I'm guessing i have
> to somehow do similar to the original create, to get the appropraite info
> onto the drive?

You have to create the drive to tell Vinum where it is.

> I'm afraid of 'vinum init', but is 'vinum init jaildev.p0.s12' what
> I'm looking for here?

It won't do any harm, but it won't do any good either.  'vinum start'
is what you're looking for.

Take a look at http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/replacing-drive.html.
It's not perfect.  If you don't understand something, please contact
me before doing anything.

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