Does anyone know if any server manufacturer of high regard is
currently certifying for freeBSD 6.1?
I know the general answer is check the components on the release
notes.  I also know there are a few integrators on the community list
(wow, some of their list pricing is much higher than the big
names!!).  Doesn't HP, Sun, IBM, Dell have anything they certify for
FreeBSD?  Is this expected to get better over the next year or so?
thanks, ke han

Hello ke han,

To my knowledge, none of the top vendors have any certification for FreeBSD.

What I suggest you do is have one of the sales rep set you up with a
test machine. The easiest way to do so is to go at their offices with
a FreeBSD install disk and try to boot/install it on the hardware
you're interested in. That's what I do with HP, Sun and IBM (IMHO, try
to avoid Dell).

On the other hand, there is a company at By their name, one would think that
the hardware they push should work fine with FreeBSD. I never dealt
with them, so I really have no idea if they're good?

Have fun,

David Robillard
UNIX systems administrator & Oracle DBA
CISSP, RHCE & Sun Certified Security Administrator
Montreal: +1 514 966 0122
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