On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 10:29:41AM -0500, Paul Schmehl wrote:

> Is anyone using the Dell DRAC 5 cards on 6.1-RELEASE?  I played with it 
> over the weekend and couldn't seem to get it working.  Then, last night, it 
> suddenly started working.  (I can access the web admin interface now.)  For 
> some reason, I couldn't ping the card at all, even though I used STATIC and 
> assigned  known good IP, netmask and gateway.  Then, for no apparent 
> reason,it started working, after another reboot.  (Needless to say, my 
> confidence in the card isn't exactly soaring.)

It is my understanding that DRAC configuration is not applied until
after a reboot.

(I work in a place that has thousands of Dell boxes.  Yes, thousands.)

The DRAC may have worked properly before a reboot if it were
(re)configured in a box previous to a *850 series, but that's tricky
and Dell doesn't support it.

In *850 and beyond, the card is part of the motherboard, and only
a restart of the OS will make it realize on what net it should

If a pre *850 DRAC is completely hosed for whatever reason, one
must replace both the motherboard and the card.  (I've stood near
many a field engineer who could not believe they had to replace
both to get the box to POST properly.)  If it's a *850 series,
replace the motherboard.

> The native card has enough functionality for what I need, but what I'm 
> wondering is if anyone has managed to get the extra functionality working 
> under linux emulation.  If so, how did you install the rpm?  And which 
> emulation did you use?

The OS doesn't matter if it's Windows or RedHat/SuSE.  Haven't seen
it working on anything else.  YMMV.
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