> - login as user 'kiosk' into FreeBSD and getting a desktop in (for
>   example KDE);
> - launch a graphical MUA (for example Kmail, or a browser) which
>   supports more than one identity, let's say <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
>   <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and so on, and each user must somehow
>   authenticate itself for the usage of its identity, at least by
>   typing in the password for this identity;
> - the MUA is fetching by POP3 or IMAP the mail from some host or
>   the underlaying FreeBSD, but they don't get mixed-up with the
>   mails of the other identities in the folders of the MUA;
> The background idea is just to use the desktop, i.e. loged in
> once, as a kiosk for reading/writing mails of a group of people.

It could likely be made to work, but offhand it sounds like
reinventing the wheel.  Why not just let each user log in via
xdm, and have their .xsession bring up the MUA?
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