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On 17 Sep Ahmad Arafat Abdullah wrote:
For me,
booting BSDa and other OS is easier with grub:

FreeBSD 6.1
   rootnoverify (hd0,0)
   chainloader +1

Is this chainloader thing still valid? To my knowledge grub knows about
ufs2 nowadays.

Chainloader is still valid. However, it hands off control to the UFS boot blocks. (The spinning /|\- thing. If you press space during this, you get a simple interactive boot-loader, which lets you pick the next stage boot-loader.) The danger with chainloader on UFS systems (or other filesystems) with grub, is if you try to chainload the boot blocks of a filesystem that has GRUB embedded on it. In that case... you either recursively boot into grub... or worse, you get weirdnesses... and have to track down a boot disk.

If you wish to chainload the boot-blocks, from grub, you're better off doing:

root( hd0,0,a )
chainloader /boot/boot2 # I think it's boot2 -- boot1 is a first stage, and needs boot2 in fixed location.

Also, doing the bootloading from the filesystem with GRUB still passes off control to the FreeBSD loader, anyhow, so GRUB isn't the last step in the process.

There's a whole host of other fun tricks to use with the FreeBSD bootloader, grub, and more. I'd be happy to talk more about it, but I don't want to bore you.

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