On Monday 18 September 2006 23:06, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> On Monday 18 September 2006 11:25, Josh Paetzel wrote:
> > Just wondering if anyone has managed to make the Veritas Backup
> > Exec client work on FBSD 6.x using linux emulation.
> >
> > I can get it to run but the server doesn't seem to be able to
> > actually backup anything.
> i havent used backup exec server in freebsd, but i have many
> NetBackup 5.1 clients.  are you sure that the veritas binaries for
> backup exec are actually working?
> when i first installed my netbackup clients, i ran thru the entries
> listed in /etc/inetd.conf to make sure they ran, and came up with 6
> .so files that were missing (were actually much newer).  after i
> symlinked the existing .so files to the versions the the netbackup
> client was looking for, when i re-ran all the executable pieces
> from command line, i finally got either no, or output that told me
> all the bits were working.
> hth,
> jonathan

The binaries run, I can see it listening in sockstat, I can see 
packets going back and forth between the server and the client in 
tcpdump, but the server is unable to actually back anything up.


Josh Paetzel
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