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I`ve installed spamassassin rules on my sentmailserver and i am trying to filter my mail in order to pick out some spam. The spamd process is running only it doesn`t add anything to my mail heather so procmail can`t forward it to the caughtspam folder.

How do i start spamassassin in order to filter my incomming mail.

You want spamd running as a daemon.

Then you want lines like this in your procmailrc
* < 500000
* !^List-Id: .*(spamassassin\.apache.\org)
| /usr/bin/spamc -t 150 -u $LOGNAME

The third line is my personal filter to prevent spamassassin triggering
on the SpamAssassin list. Any spam there is FOOD for the anti-spam rules
folks. {^_-}

This will add markups, probably the default markups. is a starting source for information.
The Wiki link points to the (admittedly pathetic) online documentation.
This also has a link to the users mailing list. You're certainly
welcome there. is a nice place to get pre-canned sets
of effective rules to supplement the stock rules.

Other help is found with man spamassassin, etc. Also check out man
or perldoc for Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf for configuration help.


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