Kris Kennaway wrote:

No critical pending issues, no show stoppers left, no required or desired features. Only some stress tests problems.

So, does this mean that the page has not been updated? Usually I would expect a "problem - solved" list. Or does this mean that the path through betas and RC's is mostly a formal quality assurance routine but code really is 6.2 ready?

It means that those are the issues being tracked for the release.  If
you know of other serious problems you need to make them known now.

Thanks Kris,

previously the todo list contained a list of new features, desired and required, and other major issues to be resolved for the new release. One could follow which things had been resolved, which need testing etc as well as look forward to all the new cool stuff.

Has this system been abandoned after the switch to timely releases? What has been the main focus areas for this upcoming release?

Maybe I'm just uninformed (sorry) or looking the wrong place for the info.

Cheers, Erik

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