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> QEMU can read and write vmdk files, so you may have an easy migration
> path. 
Well, i tried loading a pre-existing vmdk from Windows Vmware Wkstation 4.5 and
it just didnt work (it'd stall). I have to admit I couldn't spend much more
time on it so I moved on.

> But if your issue is speed, have you looked at the kqemu-kmod
> port?  It's the bit that allows guest code to run directly on the host
> cpu.  YMMV, but it seems to allow QEMU to run Windows guests at about
> the same speed as VMWare.  http://qemu.org/qemu-accel.html for details.

Definitely using kqemu-kmod. I was developing with eclipse under win32 and it
was rather painful... interestingly enough, the clock
inside the vm was ticking like crazy (4 or so times as fast as normal ) - i
ended up syncwing via ntp every 90 seconds :D. It could well be a fault in my
qemu config (pretty vanilla one ) .... but for what I need(ed) it, it does its

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