I'm trying to bootstrap the system using boot2 directly as described
in the Admin Guide (3rd edition, 2004, section 2.3) and in the man
page for boot(8), FreeBSD 6.0, dated 18/08/2005. However, no matter
which kernel I choose at the boot prompt, I always get "BTX halted"
error message with some memory(?) register values before.

Bootstrapping with loader(8) works fine, I can load any kernel.

What am I missing? 

I use FreeBSD 6.0-release on compaq armada 1700 laptop.

I've read several reports when people cannot boot FreeBSD at all on compaq
PC/laptops. The recommendations were to switch from UDMA to DMA in
BIOS. As far as I can see with Compaq Setup for Portables, I use


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