Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was going to attempt an in-place upgrade of a light load server
> running 5.3 to bring it to 6.1 RELEASE P6 (RELENG_6_1). I read in
> UPDATING that going between 5.x and 6.x requires single user mode
> which isn't an option on a remote machine (though I can stop
> sendmail, bind, popper etc manually but not that which keeps me on
> like sshd). I've not taken a machine to single user yet during my
> builds but have always had the box in my possession and on my private
> net when I've done that. I saw threads even today that left the issue
> somewhat up in the air. I still need to protect the machine. Would a
> doable jump be to move the machine to RELENG_5_5 remotely or would
> that most likely be unsuccessful without going single user? There is
> no exotic hardware on the
> box. _______________________________________________

Look at it this way.  Yes, in most cases, an update can be done
without using single-user mode, but what are you going to do if 
your new kernel doesn't boot?  [If you've already installed the 
userland before that, you are well and truly stuck.  So at least 
make sure you reboot with the new kernel before starting the

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