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What I suggest you do is have one of the sales rep set you up with a
test machine. The easiest way to do so is to go at their offices with
a FreeBSD install disk and try to boot/install it on the hardware
you're interested in. That's what I do with HP, Sun and IBM (IMHO, try
to avoid Dell).


Dell is, or at least they were, supplying PCs with FBSD installed.
Personally, I have had FBSD installed on Dell, IBM and HP, with HP
causing the most problems. IBM and Dell have worked for the most part
quite nicely.

I'm up to 3 HP servers right now, and nary a problem with any of them ... probably the best servers I've picked up yet ... everything 'just worked' ...

What HP model are you using?

HP Proliant DL360 G4p's ... RAID controller uses the ciss driver, ethernet uses the bge driver ... single core CPUs right now ... and 4xSAS drive in a RAID1+0 configuration ... I fought my supplier on moving to HP unti he wore me down, and, so far, wish I had switched years ago ...

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