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Hello again;
I have a question about how mail from the system is generated for root.
This question was prompted when I edited the Postfix aliases file and
ran newaliases, then did postfix reload, assuming the mail system was
running. I was informed that Postfix was not running.

Informed how?  What do you see in /var/log/maillog?

What does:
egrep {'error|warn|fatal|alert'} /var/log/maillog


So the question,
how does mail generated by the system get delivered to the root account?
Here is my motive:
I have a server that I want to run headless. I want to be able to
mail to root from another machine via ssh login (on the same private net
work number/netmask I cannot login to the system as
root over ssh. I don't know if I can read root mail with su (as wheel
member). I tried this but maybe I'm not using the appropriate parameter.

ssh in to the box using your account.  Then type:
su -
Enter the root password
then select the number of the message you want to read.

man (1) mail

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