> running. I was informed that Postfix was not running. So the question,
> how does mail generated by the system get delivered to the root account?

Local mail delivery can be specific: mail could be delivered even is
no smtp server is running. This is highly dependant of your
environment and of what is used to generate this very email.

Some scripts could make a direct call to whatever your mail server is
and instruct it just to deliver that email, it would not require the
server to run as a daemon.

For example you send the header+body of your email to standard input
of "sendmail -t" it will take your mail and deliver it.

> Here is my motive:
> I have a server that I want to run headless. I want to be able to 
> retrieve
> mail to root from another machine via ssh login (on the same private net
> work number/netmask I cannot login to the system as
> root over ssh. I don't know if I can read root mail with su (as wheel 
> group

It is preferable that you cannot ssh as root.

Prefer using sudo instead of su (/usr/ports/security/sudo). IMHO su
should not exist anymore.


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