eoghan wrote:

Just a general question about the ports for freebsd. I am now running 6.1 on amd64. Got most of what I need, but noticed that some ports are only i386 - like the flock browser and skype. Obviously I can live without these but was just wondering if there is a place I could check to see whether these would be available for amd in the future?

http://pointyhat.freebsd.org/errorlogs/ might have what you want. It's all the errors from building packages from ports. But it the port is specifically deprecated on amd64 it might not actually even try to build the package - not sure.

For specific ports, I would suggest contacting the maintainer and asking them about amd64.

You could also consider just running i386 version. The consensus seems to be that for desktop use the performance difference won't be much. Never found time to try amd64 and i386 works fine for me :-)


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