Robert Davison wrote:
I've been looking at the Sun Ray terminals and like the idea of using thin 
clients to connect to the main server to run apps. Are they any programms in 
thr ports which allow a similar set-up using FreeBSD. I know you can do this 
with X but would need a tutorial to help me through it.

I think the common solution today is diskless clients where the server is merely a fileserver and the applications actually run on the client.

I do not know which scales better - the diskless may cause more network traffic as applications are read but do not continuously communicate with the server. With diskless you need less processing power on the server, but the total processing power may be higher with less utilization.

You can build diskless and silent clients with Mini-ITX boards from VIA at a reasonable price. The advantage is that you will have everything in common i386/FreeBSD working environment.

Cheers, Erik

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