Joao Barros wrote:
On 9/19/06, Dan Mahoney, System Admin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey all,

I've looked around and found several linux-centric things designed to
block brute-force SSH attempts. Anyone out there know of something a bit
more BSD savvy?

My best attempt will be to get this:

running and adapt it.

I've found a few things based on openBSD's pf, but that doesn't seem to be
the default in BSD either.

Any response appreciated.

I'm using BruteForceBlocker quite successfully.
I take the opportunity to thank danger for it :-)

I use /usr/ports/security/denyhost

It was very easy to install and setup the config file is commented so well and has so many different parameters. I get reports like this anytime my thresholds are crossed.

Added the following hosts to /etc/hosts.deniedssh: (

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