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> The scenario:
> I am running a FreeBSD 5.x box with IPFilter/IPNAT. The box has two 
> interfaces at the moment, external interface connected to the hostile
> Internet and internal interface connected to a switch for the LAN.
> The ISP gives 256Kbit/s on the external interface. Out of this, I
> need to dedicate/guarantee 128Kbit/s to just one machine.
> A streaming server has been introduced on the LAN, and it is considered
> a VIP host as far as bandwidth allocation is concerned.
> The problem is that p2p is also officially allowed on the LAN. I hate
> it but it is allowed. Period. No argument about it.
> I need to guarantee 128Kbit/s of the available bandwidth to the 
> streaming host (server, if you can call it).
> My thinking/plan:
> 1. Add one more NIC to the FreeBSD box (it's also the router, 
>   firewall, _everything_ server) and put this on a separate IP block.
>   To this NIC I will connect the VIP host, which needs the guaranteed
>   bandwidth. I will therefore NAT traffic to/from it.
> 2. Restrict the current LAN hosts to 128Kbit/s via ipfw pipe. To me, 
>    this means that:
>    (a) They cannot go beyond 128Kbit/s
>    (b) The VIP box will go above 128K/bit's in case the throttled
>        LAN is not using all of the 128Kbit/s
> I need to control bandwidth on the external interface only, not on the
> LAN (internal interfaces).
> Is this rightful thinking or sheer imagination which is not practical?

Seems reasonable.  See below ...

> My problem:
> Most important is being dumb when it comes to IPFW and hence the pipes
> and all that pertains to it.
> Here is my ipfw configuration, in black and white (firewall_type="OPEN")
>         # Outside interface network and netmask and ip
>         oif="bfe0"
>         iif="xl0"
>         onet=""
>         omask=""
>         oip=""
>         # Inside interface network and netmask and ip
>         iif="xl0"
>         inet=""
>         imask=""
>         iip=""
>         ipfw pipe 1 config bw 128Kbit/s
>         # Allow any traffic to or from my own net.
>         ${fwcmd} add pass all from ${iip} to ${inet}:${imask}
>         ${fwcmd} add pass all from ${inet}:${imask} to ${iip}
>         # Throttle now
>         ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from $${inet}:${imask} to any out via ${oif} state

Is this direct cut/paste?  If so, you've got a sticky $ key.

>         ${fwcmd} add 65000 pass all from any to any
> With this configuration, it seems like even LAN->LAN communication is 
> being restricted to 128Kbit/s. I am not sure why, as simple as it looks!
> Can someone tell me why that is happening?
> Now, supposing the 3rd NIC was on network, and there is no
> bandwidth limitation configuration, is it not true that I will have 
> achieved my goal?
> I'll simply give the FreeBSD box and the VIP box and
> have a static route for the VIP box, with NAT for any connections 
> to/from it.
> I'll really appreciate any help/advise towards a perfect configuration
> for the firewall, and how I can get this to work.
> Thanks in advance.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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