Here's the situation, I have 3 BSD servers sitting behind a pfsense firewall. When I run portmanager on any of the 3 servers, inevitably it runs into a distfile that can't be downloaded from an FTP site. Although I haven't checked the log files on the firewall, I'm fairly positive this is an active / passive issue. My workaround right now is to download the required distfile to a machine on the LAN (sitting behind the pfsense firewall), and SCP it to the server, and restart portmanager. I've played around with the FTP helper settings on pfsense, to no avail. Is there a way to globally set active or passive FTP connections on the servers so portmanager will work correctly? I'll occasionally run into the same issue when building a new port as well. I'm not sure what app the machine is using to download the distfiles, wget? If this is the case, my question would be is there a way to set a configuration for wget to use either active or passive ftp connections all the time, no matter which process is calling it?

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