On Wednesday 20 September 2006 18:13, Greg Groth wrote:
> Here's the situation, I have 3 BSD servers sitting behind a pfsense
> firewall.  When I run portmanager on any of the 3 servers, inevitably it
> runs into a distfile that can't be downloaded from an FTP site.
> Although I haven't checked the log files on the firewall, I'm fairly
> positive this is an active / passive issue.  My workaround right now is
> to download the required distfile to a machine on the LAN (sitting
> behind the pfsense firewall), and SCP it to the server, and restart
> portmanager.  I've played around with the FTP helper settings on
> pfsense, to no avail.  Is there a way to globally set active or passive
> FTP connections on the servers so portmanager will work correctly?  I'll
> occasionally run into the same issue when building a new port as well.
> I'm not sure what app the machine is using to download the distfiles,
> wget?  If this is the case, my question would be is there a way to set a
> configuration for wget to use either active or passive ftp connections
> all the time, no matter which process is calling it?

What does "make -V FETCH_CMD" say? The default is "fetch -ApRr" where -p means 
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