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Can someone tell me he name of the .c or .h file containing code to do the
updating of MOTD,
i want to add company specific support data to the source so it can be
updated to motd on a daily basis, but do not want
it to be easily accessiably be sysadmins.
i have done it through a /etc/perodic/daily/script file, but clients can
find it i want to complile it in the source.

This is what I use. I run it from cron.

cat /dev/null > /tmp/motd.tmp
echo > /tmp/motd.tmp
uname -a >> /tmp/motd.tmp
echo >> /tmp/motd.tmp
/usr/games/fortune >> /tmp/motd.tmp
echo >> /tmp/motd.tmp
df -k >> /tmp/motd.tmp
echo >> /tmp/motd.tmp
uptime >> /tmp/motd.tmp
cp /tmp/motd.tmp /etc/motd

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