On Wed, Sep 20, 2006, Adam Martin wrote:
>On 2006 Sep 20 , at 08:28, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
>>Hi List,
>>recently (last few days) a lot of spam has begun to arrive on this 
>>could anyone concerned ([EMAIL PROTECTED], ...) check/upgrade the 
>       Incidentally I'm subscribed to about a dozen other FreeBSD mailing 
>lists.  It's probably not the right place to report this, but these 
>past few days a lot of spam has hit the other lists too.  So, I'll tack 
>on a request for them to check the filters on the other lists too.

FWIW, the spam that has hit the lists has also failed to trigger
my somewhat draconian spamassassin checks as well.

One of the most effective things I've found on the Mailman
mailing lists I maintain and host is to restrict postings to list
members only.  While this does generate some moderation requests
when list members post from addresses other than their subscribed
address, it also catches many spam/phishing messages that don't
cause the spamassassin score to exceed our cutoff score.

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