Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> So, again, if I'm reading through things correctly, I'll have to do
> something like:
> gstripe st1 da1 da2
> gstripe st2 da3 da4
> gmirror drive st1 st2
> newfs drive

That's the wrong way round, I think.  If you lose a drive, then you've
the whole of one of your stripes and have no resilience.  Shouldn't you
rather stripe the mirrors:

   gmirror gm0 da1 da2
   gmirror gm1 da3 da4
   gstripe gs0 gm0 gm1
   newfs gs0

This way if you lose a drive then only one of your gmirrors loses
resilience and the other half of your disk space is unaffected.



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