Odhiambo Washington wrote:
* On 20/09/06 16:47 -0700, Mike Peirson wrote:
| Hi all,
| First off, I'm new to FreeBSD and this mailinglist so I hope I am in the | right place. Anyways, right now I am having some problems with FreeBSD | booting up. I have tried to install 3 times now and keep getting the | same error. When I try to boot into FreeBSD, this eventually comes up: | | Manual root filesystem specification: | <fstype>:<device> Mount <device> using filesystem | <fstype>
|                                        eg. ufs:da0s1a
|                   ?                 List valid disk boot devices
|                   <empty line>      abort manual input
|                 Mountroot>
| | This seems to be a prompt where I need to specify the location of the | root partition, but the problem here is that it hangs or freezes and I | cannot input any text. At first I thought it may be a result of FreeBSD | not properly recognizing my HDD's geometry but I manually fixed that and | it still is giving me this same issue. If anyone has had a similar | problem or knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate any help. I | looked through the Handbook and googled this but I haven't found a | solution yet.

Any further details about your hardware specs in general?



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Nothing out of the ordinary.. I've got a Abit VT7 socket 478 mother board with an Intel P4. Standard Western Digital 120GB HDD. I've got video and keyboard/mouse running through a KVM switch, so after reading what Greg posted.. I can see why I would be having issues with inputing any text at the mountroot> prompt.

Michael Peirson
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