Thanks for your reply, Gerard.

As you can see, the log file is not created from within the shell script. It's 
created as the redirection of the output, so your suggestion implies modifying 
the shell script source code. That script calls some other scripts too and 
imports other scripts which define some predefined common functions with common 
behaviour among all the shell scripts developed. This means that is this case 
the backup script is called by CRON but there's also the possibility of 
invoking it manually (for example in the need of a backup out of the normal 
scheduled time). When invoked manually, the results are shown in the screen to 
the user... You know, the script is not isolated, it's part of a bigger 
infrastructure behinf the scene, hidden to some users which may invoke batch 
script from within menus (with no command line access).

I'd like to find another solution, having to modify the shell script in the 
last resort.

Thanks in advance.

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Aitor San Juan wrote:

> I have a shell script whose execution is scheduled by CRON. The
> command scheduled is of the form:
> 50 23 * * 1-5 /apps/batch/cronjobs/ >
> /apps/batch/logs/bd_backup.log 2>&1
> This shell script runs under the id of root. The file permissions of
> the log file created are 644 (owner: root, group: wheel). I'd like that
> the file permissions of the log created be 600 (or 640 maximum). How
> could I accomplish this? This is probably related to "umask", but I
> don't dare changing anything in case that change could affect some
> other security configuration as a side effect.
> What would you recommend?

I have a few shell scripts that are run from CRON also. To accomplish
what you want, I have 'chmod' and 'chown' commands in the scripts.
Perhaps you might be able to incorporate something like that into yours.


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