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I have hit the limit of 8 disklabels per slice.  Supposedly, one can
create lables within a label, thus overcoming this limit.  I googled
everything but could only find references to gpt-- nothing about nested
labels or partitions.  Can anyone detail the steps involved in setting up
nested labels or partitions?

There was a discussion on hackers@ recently which mentioned nested labels. Have a search of the archives.

Personally I wouldn't touch that solution with a 10ft pole.

You explain far too little about *why* you have run out of partitions and what your current disk setup is like. Another option to consider is logical/extended slices (DOS partitions). Inside one of those you can create more FreeBSD slices. The only caveat is that I believe sysinstall will not recognise them so you are down to bsdlabelling them by hand (but you are with nested labels as well); or you can forget labelling them and just use each slice as a partition.

Another solution: buy another disk. Slightly wasteful, but by far the easiest.


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