On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 11:49:20AM +0200, Ivan Voras wrote:
> Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> >Basically, I have 5x72G drives ... I'd *love* to do RAID5 with them, but 
> >that doesn't appear to be available right now
> Maybe you could try geom_raid3 instead? It's pretty nice, especially for 
> databases. The only caveat is that you cannot boot off it if you use all the 
> drives. Maybe raid3(3 
> drives for data)+mirror(2 disks for system) will be useful to you (since you 
> can boot a mirrored drive).
> (note that geom_raid3 is not RAID3 as theoretically defined, but more like 
> RAID4).

This is RAID3, RAID4 is totally different.

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