Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
It's time to upgrade my old Cisco 10Mbps router and I am seriously considering using FreeBSD. I have found some solutions and wonder what one would recommend here on the list...

Solution 1:
Solution 2:

I want to duplicate my Cisco setup. It has 4 Ethernet ports with the WAN subnet assigned to the WAN port and 3 different subnets assigned to each of the remaining 3 ports leading to their VLANs on the switch. Looking for advise from those who have used the above solutions and their experiences.

Thanks in advance!

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Monowall is very nice, I have a pentium pro 200 with 256 meg of ram on a 6meg small business circuit with 3 vpn tunnels to remote sites that have a Cisco 831, cisco pix 501, and cisco pix515. The server runs at about 10% average and it took literally about 10 minutes to set all of this up. The problem you may have with monoowall and I need to refresh myself with the documentation again but I believe it only supports 3 network interfaces. If you populate the box with Intel pro 1000 gigabit network cards they do support vlan tagging though. Good luck and let us know what you might end up with.
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