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> First I'd like to know if there's a faster way to resize partitions than 
> using GParted livecd, and no i am not supposed to pay, also, why freebsd 
> has no resizer in its installation?

There is, called growfs.   But, its use is limited.  You have
to have space contiguous with the partition to grow in to.
Generally, in something like FreeBSD you carve up the slice
in to partitions and use all the space in the slice.  Although I
have heard of people doing so, I don't think it is common to leave
extra unused space lying around.   

More often, people put all the space that might be left after divvying 
up the other partitions in to one remaining partition, typically mounted 
as something like /home or /work or /scratch.    Then, if something in 
one of the other file systems grows bigger than expected, they just move 
that directory to the larger remainder file system and make a symlink 
to it.   That is so much easier than mucking around with bits and pieces 
of partitions and trying to resize them when they grow unexpectedly that
resizing is uninteresting in FreeBSD.   

If you run out of space in both the original file system and that large
left over one, then you have to get more disk, rather than just resizing
the one you have.

Now, some people sometimes leave a chunk of disk that is not allocated
in any of the primary slices with the thought of adding another bootable
OS at some later time.   But that is a different story.   And even then,
if what you are doing unexpectedly uses up your space, you would just
create another FreeBSD slice in that held out space and put a nice
large single partition in and move some things there and make a link.
It is so much easier than resizing and risking losing stuff as in
other unnamed systems.

> Second I'd like to add new systems to fbsd boot manager, i've been told 
> to read man page of boot0cfg but didn't understand much, on linux my 
> freebsd is mounted on hda1 and my linux is on hda3, how can I add my 
> hda3 to be hitted as F3 to boot on freebsd boot manager?how can I 
> easyly configure it?

You just need to put the MBR on both HDD-1 and HDD-3 and have boot
sectors in each of the bootable primary slices on disk.  Then it
should find all of everything automatically just fine.   
The boot0cfg utility writes that MBR out for you.   You just need to
tell it to replace the MBR and which disk to do it to.
I think 'boot0cfg -B ad0' would do it for you first disk for example.
You need to look at your dmesg(8) output or /var/run/dmesg.boot file
and find out what names the system has assigned to the two disks.
They will look something like  ado: ad1: ad2:  for ata
  or da0:  da1: da2:  for SCSI.   
Note that the first one is 0, second is 1, etc.

What it will do is put F1-Fn(maz 4) for the bootable slices 
on the first disk and then F5 to go to the next bootable disk.
If you then hit F5, it will put up the bootable slices on that one
(and F5 if there is yet another disk with an MBR and bootable slices
in the boot order).   It might seem a little clumsy having to hit
two F-keys to get to any boot slice beyond those on the first disk,
but that is partly because FreeBSD keeps its MBR size down to fit in
the officialy legal 1 sector and doesn't steal sectors that just might
not be available on some systems in order to have a fancier selection

If I understood your question, I think that answers it.  
But, I may not have understood you correctly


> Thanks.
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