I've just installed a nanobsd soekris box next to the serial port of my server, 
in order to be able to boot in single-mode from a remote network location.

Everything runs fine, except two things:

1) I am unable to connect to the server with anything else than 9600 bds. I've 
tried setting

ttyd0   "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600"   dialup  on secure

... on the server, and using 

cu -l/dev/cuad0 -s57600

... on the client, but without luck: I get strange characters on my ssh 
terminal (putty on windows)

Working at 9600bds is really slow, I'd appreciate a little more speed...

2) vi and ee do not work well through this remote access connection. All lines 
are mixed-up. Is there a terminal configuration that could help here?


Philippe Lang
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