You need to check out the gparted-livecd.  This will allow you to grow or 
shrink partitions, just like Partition Magic.  It should work with all the 
filesystems in question here.  I have recently used it and will never go back 
to Partition Magic.

Once you have performed a shrink, you will have additional unpartitioned space 
where you can load another OS if you want.

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"Now, some people sometimes leave a chunk of disk that is not allocated
in any of the primary slices with the thought of adding another bootable
OS at some later time.   But that is a different story.   And even then,
if what you are doing unexpectedly uses up your space, you would just
create another FreeBSD slice in that held out space and put a nice
large single partition in and move some things there and make a link.
It is so much easier than resizing and risking losing stuff as in
other unnamed systems."
  Yea, more like that...I have many machines in my work, they have linux 
reiserfs partitions, ext3...some FAT32, ntfs, and they are in full disk, and i 
want to install fbsd there without any lose of any data.
  When you said "you should create another fbsd slice(...) then make a link" 
but these machines have no fbsd partition and never had, nor any other 
partition besides the only one used by this other system, like a 60GB disk with 
full with only only partition, like fat32.
  I think growfs wouldn't help then.
  <the other part>
  I understood that 'boot0cfg -B ad0' would try to detect all of it automatic, 
and yes in my situation it is ad0.
  But since we have many different systems here, I am afraid some of them don't 
get detected, is there any possibility?like windows xp, windows 98, solaris, 
linux, I don't even know all of them, and if so, any of them don't get detected 
automatic after boot0cfg -B ad0 i would not have any idea of what to do.
  On linux we have /etc/lilo.conf which i have manually full acess and makes me 
be able to add anything, on fbsd i don't know...
  But if you tell me it is able to detect anything automatic, I'd leave this 
fear away and have fun tomorrow.
  Thanks for your reply.

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