To whom it may concern,
My name is James. I'm a junior college graduate with an A.S. degree in Computer Applications. I took a class in UNIX about a year ago. The os we used was Mandrake Linux. I've learned to like Red Hat and have version 8.0 on my home machine. I have been doing a lot of reading in magazines like pcmagazine and sought info online using sources like the freebsd homepage, zdnet, cnet, etc. I'm hearing alot of your UNIX os. I have a few questions about the system. First of all, is freebsd a real UNIX? By that I'm asking whether or not there is real UNIX code in it or is it a clone just like linux is? Second, what type of file system does it use? Does it have a journaling one like ext3? Do UNIX systems require any kind of defrag? I was told by my UNIX instructor that freebsd had hardware recognition trouble. Is this true and if so has it been fixed? I have also read that a lot of sysadmins are nervous of putting mission critical apps on a enterprise linux system and prefer to use freebsd. What is the problem that I'm hearing that linux has? Do you believe the berkeley system to have code that has better stability than the GNU systems? I look forward to your reply. Thanks

James Hicks

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