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Hello again;
With FreeBSD and in general, If the monitor is turned off
is it safe to disconnect it from the machine while the machine
is running?
AMD64 socket 754 with separate PCI video card on ECS
motherboard; no Xwindows installed. if it makes a difference.

want to run the machine headless without shutting it down to
switch the monitor to another machine.
Yes.  It's safe to do that with any OS I'm familiar with.
And the keyboard & mouse too.

The keyboard and mouse are NOT supposed to be hot plugged if they are PS/2 (although I must admit I haven't had any issues, but I wouldn't risk a dead PS/2 controller on a production box). USB ones don't care. The neat thing about that is you can have your machine boot with no keyboard, you can plug in a USB one and then hook up a monitor and have a head all of a sudden. This is handy when your box's sshd dies for some reason, which has happened to me once...

I've never had any issues, provided I set the option to NOT halt on keyboard errors at boot in the bios.

Best regards,
Greg Groth

I've never hot-swapped a keyboard, although I have unplugged one from a running machine with no issues.

Best regards,
Greg Groth
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