On Sep 22, 2006, at 11:02 AM, Robert Joosten wrote:
Hmmm, is there a way to run pxe-boxes without rpc.lockd and then still
able to run adduser and so on ?
Safely?  No.  But then, flock() doesn't work via NFS even if
rpc.lockd is running, so you aren't any worse off.

flock() .. hmm yeah, I discoverd trouble with sendmail as well, it rings
my bell. At least I know where to look for digging in the code finding
clues about why.

You say flock() doesn't work with rpc.lockd running.

At least at one point, flock() used against an NFS-mount filesystem would simply return as if the call was successful, but no locking was done. Whether rpc.lockd is running or not would have no impact.

I observed running a pxe client running fbsd 5.[45] being served by nfs-box running 5 (and 4 nowadays because of asr0 trouble due to geom) having disabled rpc.lockd the box doens't let me run adduser, but with rpc.lockd enabled it's fine with 'em. Is that strange or am I missing (some) insight about this matter?

That's interesting. Are you getting a "could not lock the passwd file: EOPNOTSUPP" failure with rpc.lockd not enabled? I suspect that the pw_lock() code in libutil ought to use O_EXLOCK in the open() call rather than calling flock() separately:

[EOPNOTSUPP] O_SHLOCK or O_EXLOCK is specified but the underlying
                        file system does not support locking.



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