Hi Gary, thanks for the reply.

How do you mean it doesn't boot fully? Creating a bootable cd is in the

My first test cd didn't boot because it couldn't find a root filesystem to
mount i think. I sorted that by just borrowing my fstab from my running
system and put in on the cd in /etc/fstab.

# mkisofs -R -no-emul-boot -b boot/cdboot -o /tmp/bootable.iso /tmp/cdfiles

Your tmp/cdfiles should contain a boot folder matching that on the
encrypted system. You'll only need the kernel and modules that you load
though and gzipping them will speed up the slow boot. You'll also need
to modify your loader.conf:

Thanks for that, i was wondering where that cdboot binary was, it seems it's
in the /boot directory. Dunno how i missed that :)
Unfortunately my BIOS wont boot from a pendrive, so ill just run it all off
a CD. But making the bootable CD ended up being harder than it should have.

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