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> Hi:
> I downloaded three *.iso images from the  www.freebsd.org website and
> burnt in on 3 CDs and used the first CD which just contains the
> "/boot" directory for starting the installation. My question is:
> 1) Why doesn't it ask me to load the next CD in to the CDRom Drive
> during the installation, which I presume contains all the required
> packages and binaries?

If you have a decent internet connection, just use the bootonly ISO and then 
grab the packages / files via an FTP or FTP Passive connection during 
install. Otherwise, just use the 2nd disc. The handbook has some good info: 


should answer your questions.

> 2) Will I be able to still boot Linux if I allow FreeBSD to overwrite
> the MBR with its own boot loader, which it asks during installation?

If you want a nicer looking boot loader then don't install anything into the 
MBR and configure LILO or GRUB to boot FreeBSD. There are docs in the 
handbook about this. Just do a search for LILO on the FreeBSD site.

> Can somebody please help me with this issue?

Check the handbook. It's very good.

Henrik Hudson
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