Today Christopher J Phillips wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some FreeBSD boxes that I'd like to configure sendmail on.
> I have no experience I'm afraid.
> I have a mail server that is all set up as I'd like it, see
> I would like the FreeBSD boxes to send/forward mail out to that host via
> SMTP, I am proficient at configuring that (intY) box to allow such
> connections.
> For instance, stuff for root & sometimes I like to pipe a commands
> output through mail to an address, so I can look at the results remotely
> or send info to friends etc...
> Currently, the FreeBSD boxes are unfettered & sendmail just dumps mail
> to root as undeliverable.  I have (I think), pointed all root mail @ my
> personal email address but as sendmail knows of no SMTP forwarder & my
> email domain does not correspond to that of the other boxes (which
> appear as sub-domains of my primary domain), ALL but root mail is
> undeliverable :-(
> Please could you give me an idea of what I should be configuring &
> possibly recommending a URL that would let me learn how to do this?


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