Hi! I saw your posts with title "Performance issue amd64". I don't know if this could help, but I'm having the same problem with ICH5 SATA controller and the same Hitachi drives on linux. I cannot activate DMA, and bandwidth is lesser than 10MB/s. I could not solve the problem, until now. BTW, with "any" other drives, the problem does not exist. Antonio Marques __________________________________________________________
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I did not dig deeper into that problem - due to the lack of suitable hardware. Bonnie shows about 55 MB/s sustained performance, sometimes higher, burst reaches 117 MB/s. With the old disks, both values were about 25 MB/s higher. I doubt this is only a partition layout related issue. The average performance droped remarkable, especially while compiling world.

At the Hitachi website I did not find any hint about issues with several controllers or especially with SATA PseudoRAID like nForce4 offers, hope this can be fixed anyway and it's a simple firmware issue.

Checking the disks via the Hitachi brewn drive fitness tool gives no suspicious data, mode is SATA II/300, no accoustic or energy management and so on ...

I would appreciate any solvage, if you have one!

Well, in your case, I would check whether your drive is in SATA 150 mode (factory setting) or SATA 300, as I know the ICH5 is only SATA 150 and drives with problems switching to SATA 150 while in SATA 300 could cause problems.

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