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Subject: Re: FreeBSD and AMD power management

> You have somewhat misread the docs.

It would seem so. Never before, though, stood I more happily corrected. :)

> To "prove" this, nobody using fvcool has reported instability on this
> or any other list.  All HAVE reported a drop in CPU temperature of
> around 20C.  In my case that means dropping from 55C to 35C.

Does this mean I can use it on my actual server? Call me a wimp, but I am
kinda squirmish when it comes to utilities like this. And if it affects the
performance of a sound-card, would it also adversely affect the throughput
of a network card?

I am eager to use this. Could save me a bundle on my electric bill too, btw.
:) So, does anyone have this running on a server? I would love to hear their


- Mark

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