> hi,
> i don't like sendmail very much, but have been happily using
> postfix for years now,
> on a freebsd mailserver with jails i was wondering whether
> the following is possible :
> - all incoming email goes to 1 jail which only runs
>   sendmail + milter and blocks all email with .gif attachments
> - sendmail then let's through all other emails with some transport-map
>   which doesn't need individual aliases (per user)
> - other jails (separate jail for lists and email) accept the email  
> via postfix 
> can sendmail do this ? or is there other mailserver-software
> which can block gif and hand over all email to other jails
> with postfix
> i'm asking this for the following reasons :
> - i have a jail with postfix+mysql+spamassassin+maildrop,
>   esp. the maildrop-part took me many many hours to figure out,
>   (turned out that courier maildrop default mysql-support was dropped
>   in favour for courier authdaemon+mysql-support)
>   it's working fine now, so i prefer not to add more to this jail,
>   but i'd like to stop .gif-images attached now
> - it looks like postfix needs per user aliases for transport-situation
>   to virtual domains (or am i missing something ?)
> possible or not good ?


Is there a specific reason why you absolutely want to keep sendmail? Why don't 
you do everything with postfix, and a content filtering tool you haven't 
mentioned: amavis?

Jails runs all of the software you mentioned just fine. Just remember to bind 
on the IP of your jail.

Philippe Lang
Attik System

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