On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 02:05:00PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
>       Guys,
>       This may/may not prove the superiority of BSD over the Linux 
>       kernel, dunno.   Maybe you can help me figure out what I
>       need to tune; or (*sob*) lighten  my load on ethos.  
>       I've got three of the 4 default workspaces full of apps.
>       Mostly xterms or "gnome-terminals".  I have 1G RAM, a huge 
>       disk, a 2800 AMD chip, yet realplay is *very* slow to respond.
>       It's time-counter changes only ever 8 seconds and when I 
>       cover part or all, it takes several seconds to fill back in.
>       Is this a bug in xorg or in realplay or what?  Last night I
>       closed realplay and began having similar problems with one of the
>       terminals.  I have run CTWM for years so am used to a lightweight
>       wm.  I haven't checked to see if gnome/kde-LITE are available.
>       That may be the problem.
>       I am reluctant to post this to the ubuntuforums because I've 
>       already asked enough idiot questions ...  (Sure, I do the
>       same here, but I know you guys:-)
>       I could close all my xterms and see, but it took hours to get 
>       things configured just the way I  want!

        Well, he said, replying to his ownpost, the trouble/(bug??)
        was in the "Windows" click-on in the gnome-config apps.  
        I had the proper selection.   It jst never responded until
        I clicked an un-clicked....

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