Desmond Coughlan wrote:

So on the second disk drive, which is around.. 20GB, IIRC, we want /mail, /sql and /forums, and maybe 512M of swap. On the first, system files etc. and swap. I
used to tinker around with postgreSQL, so that'll be what we'll be using.
How does that sound?

1) You will find maintenance easier if you stick to default location for storing stuff, so mount your partitions on those mountpoints: By default user's mboxes goes in /var/mail, databases in /var/db.

2) You might then consider making your second disk dedicated to /var entirely rather than fragment in multiple partitions.

3) I recall on your original list you had swap on both disks, this may or may not have any impact on performance compared to just one swap on the first disk.

I would do something like this:

/        128MB
swap     512MB
/usr    6144MB
/tmp     512MB

/home   4092MB
/share  4092MB
/var    4092MB

The /share is non-default, I like to have this for groups. Say your organisation have various working groups, files belonging to those should not reside in users home-dir, but rather be shared among all members.

The above has some further advantages: on the second disk is all the data users create, you can wipe ad0 in a reinstall if needed, there you only need to restore config-files in /etc and /usr/local/etc.

Cheers, Erik
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