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The thread on calendars has got me thinking.... The 'non-profit' organisation I mentioned, is a school. Here in France (and no doubt in dozens of other countries), many universities have constructed 'virtual campuses'. By that, I mean that the student logs in, he has not only his grades, but his timetable (classes, seminars etc), and he can send and receive e-mail to and from his tutors. Can this be done under FreeBSD (that was the 'silly' part of the question) ? Any pointers to where I can start learning about that stuff? Setting up the MX is the most urgent, but afterwards, we can start to have fun with SQL, forums, campuses etc?

Honestly, I think you will have a hard time getting any useful answers: Your question is vague and broad and posting under a completely different topic is not helping.

Before asking the "how" question, you gotta understand the problem you want to solve - that is first, figure out what is the problem:

- how many users?
- how will you manage users?
- who will manage users?
- how will users access services?
- from where will users access services? - routing? - firewall?
- does the infrastructure exist to provide access to services?
  - network? wireless? dns? etc.
- how often will users access services?
- how much data will be handled by the servers?
- what hardware is required to support the expected traffic?
and on and on.

Once you have a clear idea of that you can start asking more concrete questions:

- which MTA?
- how do I setup that MTA?
- what MDA? can the MTA work as MDA?
- how do I setup that MDA?

So, I recommend you rethink your problem and make it clear what you want to achieve in your next post - under a suitable subject...

Cheers, Erik
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