I have spent the day trying to get multiple IP addresses rewritten to a single address using IPFW and NATD. Is there a simple way to do this. If I put natd on the public interface, it grabs it and the system hangs at boot. Is there an interface for keeping the packets local to the system where divert can pass them, natd rewrite them and reinsert them into ipfw? The application is what I asked about two days ago, funneling multiple external websites on different addresses into a single jail that works of Apache's NameVirtualHost. Thought it was the easy part but so far it's the only part that is not working, the jail and apache work great. I think I need a divert rule that goes to an internal interface (tun0?) and be able to start natd on that interface. I actually tried tun0 but it was not recognized (I'm not configuring for ppp). It would seem that if I can get over this hurdle, I could use the redirect_address within natd to perform the magic I need.

Please tell me if I'm trying to do something absurd or if this should be directed to a different list.

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