azhar freebsd wrote:
> uname -a
> 24 16:53:30 UTC 2006
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/GENERIC  i386

thank u for your reply . is there any way to get back the normal freebsd
version . i am facing a lot of problems that i think its because of this
version .like i cant install any package by sysinstall through ftp .

If you are experiencing a lot of problems, then consider reporting them, the 6.2 version will be the next STABLE release.

Reverting back to the exact snapshot of your previous system is imposible unless you know the date of that snapshot. If you have been tracking RELENG_6 you have gradually been updating your system to present which will soon become 6.2.

You can get the 6.1 RELEASE with security patches by changing the tag in the supfile to RELENG_6_1.

Without further details on the problems you experience, I doubt your problems relate to the version - I experience no problems at all.

They may relate to errors occurred during the update of your system or the source. Did you rebuild/install both kernel and world? Did you follow the instructions running mergemaster? Try updating your sources and rebuild again.

Cheers, Erik
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