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I have spent the day trying to get multiple IP addresses rewritten to a single address using IPFW and NATD. Is there a simple

So as not to leave a hanging post in case someone else searches on this issue, I'm going to answer myself. I am now successfully using natd to internally rewrite multiple IPs to a single jail and then back to their real address, it does seem to be identical to configuring a private IP network but instead of an interface, I'm using the alias_address bound to the primary interface. Within the jail, NameVirtualHost is able to service the various sites by name through http client/server banter. This will not work if someone uses unregistered sites unless host tables are created for the http clients due to the jailed httpd responding from the default site.

This makes the jail very useful to me without disrupting the environment of the companies web space and the human ramifications that can cause. If there is a superior way to do this, please correct me. I also now realize, this should have been posted to FreeBSD-IPFW, apologies.

(note, these private IPs are really simulating my public IPs)

Addresses on bge0
host IP
host alias and jail IP
second host alias (simulates a different public address to be served by the jail after rewriting to 223)

IPFW Pertinent Commands
divert 8668 ip from any to any via bge0 (packets all follow this path)
allow tcp from any to dst-port 80 setup (packets are rewritten on the way in and follow this path to jail) allow ip from to (packets coming from the outside on 223 return on this path) allow ip from to (packets coming from the outside on 224 return on this path)

NATD commands

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